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Optimize the budget and maximize the ROI of your campaigns with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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Improve campaign performance: more value to first-party data!

Google's announced end to third-party cookie tracking as well is revolutionizing the world of digital advertising.
First-party data are becoming increasingly valuable in an audience management strategy.

Blendee | deco
Blendee | leads management software

Audience Network

Collect and integrate data from multiple sources to create highly profiled, high-performing audiences.

Create your Audience Seed
Identify your source audience by collecting data from users who visit your properties.

Analyze the characteristics of your Audience
the key characteristics of your source audience.

Expandyour Audience
more prospects through the Audience Builder feature that also allows you to create new target audiences.Specifically, the platform allows you to expand your audience:

  • creating a selection rule within the 'total audience or within media buying channels or walled gardens (Amazon, Social Media..);
  • activating look-a-like functionality that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;
  • by taking advantage of the Audience Extension feature that allows drawing on the audience made available by traffic providers belonging to the NESSIE project.
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AD Server

It is the multi-channel Ad Server that allows you tomanage customized campaigns and deliver cross-platform content, reaching your users with advertising messages in line with content and interests.
It enables you to:

  • Managing behavioral and contextual campaigns effectively with the help of AI;
  • Have advanced features to better set up your campaigns;
  • Integrate the typical functionality of an Ad Server with all platforms on the market, even offline.
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Blendee | leads management software
Blendee | leads management software

Data Lake

Accessing and analyzing data has never been easier.
Data Lake is an analysis tool and resource, as well as a working method, that simplifies and enhances both the management and analysis of Big Data, collecting it from diverse sources and keeping it in its native format.

  • Reduced costs of consolidation of data
  • Reduced storage costs and infinite storage space
  • Time-to-market reduction
  • Information Sharing
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Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

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