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Make each email unique in content and products shown.

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Less Email and More Effective

Contact each of your individual users with truly customized communications, both in content and frequency.
You will substantially reduce the number of generic emails thereby dramatically increasing contact efficiency and effectiveness.
Blendee's Artificial Intelligence will be able to learn your visitors' behaviors and solicit them in the most appropriate way.

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Email personalisation

Customize automatically every single email by inserting content and products ad hoc for each individual user, making these communications extremely relevant.
Enhance the level of engagement of your emails through the integration of elements that, without any additional effort, will populate in real time when you open the email.
Significantly increase the conversion rateof your email marketing campaigns while reducing the effort required to create them.

Trigger Email Marketing

Choose from more than 300 triggers, real-time and planned, to always communicate in the ideal ways and at the ideal times for each of your users.
Plan the ringing experiences of the different segments and let Blendee take care of the rest.
You'll be able to measure the effectiveness of each channel and then decide how to optimize the budget for subsequent campaigns!

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Blendee | Integration with third-party platforms.

Integration with third-party platforms

If your company is already using an e-mail marketing platform, Blendee provides you with a powerful widget that can integrate (via esp) with your current creative, injecting customized products and messages within these communications.
You thus make your communications much more effective without additional effort and in a totally automated way.

Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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