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Offer Each Visitor a Personalized Navigation Experience

Thanks to Blendee it will be possible for you to automatically customize your eCommerce site, both for the communication part and for the product part.
Each user will then have a personalized experience based on their unique navigation, interest and behavior characteristics.
You will be able to propose to them the most suitable products and the most effective communications based on their segment.
Thanks to the possibility of real time intervention it will be possible to create unique experiences for each user.

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The centrality of your marketing activities, digital and otherwise, must necessarily be focused on your consumers.
With Blendee's evolved segmentation you will be able to use demographic, past and present behavior characteristics and understand the stage they are at within the customer lifecycle, tracking their behavior both online and offline.
These dynamic and constantly updated segments in real time will allow you to get to know them better by building dedicated experiences for them.

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Cross-Device Customizations

Blendee can track the behavior and history of even anonymous users and suggest relevant products to them.
You will also be able to recognize them on all your digital properties for a truly unified cross-device experience.

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Product Recommendation Engine

Blendee analyzes the behaviors and purchases of each individual visitor to your store, managing to reconstruct individual profiles of each customer and placing them in the most appropriate segments.
Thanks to this information, Blendee will show the visitor the most relevant products in real time, making their browsing truly personalized and thus significantly increasing both the browsing experience and the chances of closing new sales.

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Custom Messages

Propose personalized messages in real time, do not wait for your customers to leave your site before intervening!
Thanks to the possibility to submit messages to them (pop-ups, banners) in real time, you can optimize their navigation, by soliciting in the most appropriate way undecided users, interpreting their navigation behavior.

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Off -Site Communication 

Blendee allows you, with over 300 configurable triggers, to uniquely engage your users even once they have left your site thanks to:

  • ✓ Personalized emails
  • ✓ Personalized text messages
  • ✓ Social
  • ✓ Telegram
  • ✓ Push in app
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