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Knowing trends and market data is important to focus one's strategy: don't miss the Blendee team's periodic insights and stay up-to-date on the most significant trends in the digital world thanks to the eCommerce ActiveMonitoring Observatory.
Data but not only: the Observatory's goal is also to provide a critical and contextualized reading of trends, thus providing marketers and strategists with real proactive support for their strategy.

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A successful strategy, we know, cannot disregard the analysis of data, especially if they help us understand the framework within which we move.
It is precisely from this awareness that Blendee has chosen to support its clients with a monitoring service on eCommerce and digital market trends in order to assist them even at the strategic stage with proactive support activities.

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Blendee eCommerce Active Monitoring

Stay up-to-date on data and trends affecting the eCommerce and digital world with Blendee'seCommerce Active Monitoring Observatory: monthly analyses and insights are provided on the trends of the different industries based on data collected through our platform.
Figures and numbers accompanied by a critical reading of them to always have a clear and up-to-date snapshot of the context around us and how it changes in the presence of particular situations.

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