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Personalize your customers' experience even in customer service and point-of-sale interactions.

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Omnichannel Experience Manager

Being able to give your customers as consistent an experience as possible across the different channels at your disposal is one of the keys to success for any type of business.
This consistency is one of the keys to creating a unique and personalized customer experience.
Making the most of your Customer Service (whether via live chat, telephone, or offline) and your Points of Sale is therefore essential.
Thanks to Blendee you will be able to recognize users across the different channels used, even integrating information about purchases made in store or through call centers.

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Intelligent Customer Service

With Blendee you can equip your customer service agents with tools to identify and predict the behavior of consumers interacting with them, significantly increasing not only conversions but also the level of service provided.

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Customer Data Platform

Blendee allows you to equip salespeople with an artificial intelligence system that, in addition to helping them recognize the user, allows them to know whether and what products they have browsed within the site, whether they have products in their shopping carts, and for which products they have shown or show a greater propensity to 'buy.
A must-have omnichannel conversion weapon.

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