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Audience and Content for Even More Effective Campaigns

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enable you to enhance your content by classifying it even more effectively in order to deliver increasingly relevant advertising messages.

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Content Enrichment

Automatically enrich the tagging of your editorial content, including video, in order to better categorize it.
Contextual advertising, in fact, takes into account the classification of content to deliver more relevant messages.

You can leverage standard taxonomies, IAB first- and second-level taxonomies, those IPTC Media Topic and SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs).

Vertical Audiences

Create vertical audiences by virtue of a specific content, analyze them and use them for your retargeting campaigns.

Extract keywords and key concepts from your content to refine your content recommendation as well.

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Advanced API

In addition to the standard features that return a text's classification in real time, you can implement the Advanced API feature that allows you to perform in-depth text analysis, extract lemmas and keywords, and create correlations in order to classify your content more precisely.

Relevant and Effective Announcements

Contextual Advertising-related features offer countless benefits:

  • Are easy to implement;
  • guarantee brand safety and suitability;
  • allow them tocreate ads that truly reflect the interests of the audience;
  • Are GDPR compliant;
  • disregard the logic of cookies.
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