Customized Customer Experience: all the potential of Marketing Automation for the Web

Improve the performance of your website or eCommerce project, personalizing your users' customer experience and increasing the number of leads and sales.

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Web Customisation: Main activities

Dynamic Recommendations

Personalize your users' shopping experience by showing each visitor the most relevant products thanks to Blendee's artificial intelligence algorithms and profiling systems will allow you to modulate the offer by proposing product recommendations that show better performance based on the target user.

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Behavioral Messages

Offers, discount coupons and tailor-made messages: accompany the user throughout the entire navigation path within the site with a coherent and relevant communication, intervening in real time and fully automatically.
Increase the number of registered users and intervene before users leave the site.

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Content Customization

Show your users content that is more interesting and in line with their expectations: with Blendee you can customize text content and images based on behavior, specific interests shown, channels or campaigns sourced, maximizing your site's performance.

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Dynamic Contact Form

Gather more information for your users in a simple, non-invasive way: blendee forms allow you to display questions dynamically depending on the target user segment and at the most appropriate time.

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Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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