Marketing automation and drive-to-store strategies

Drive to Store Strategies

Put the customer at the center of your strategy: collect data and customize their experience in the store. Find out how to make the most of digital channels to increase your offline business as well.

The Point of Sale, a key touchpoint for your strategy

Recognize customers even at the point of sale, collect data and information: by integrating with management software and checkout applications, Blendee allows you to integrate data tracked online with purchases and information collected offline. This all comes in the form of having dashboards for analyzing omnichannel brand performance and leveraging all available channels to reengage consumers tied to a specific point of sale.

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Discover the Identity of Your Users

Gathering data and information about users across different channels is crucial for profiling them. Blendee, due to its Data Platform nature enables dynamic user profiling and segmentation activities for effective marketing strategies even offline.

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Geolocalized Offers and Customization in Store

Rely on the experience of the Blendee team and discover how to create an effective drive-to-store strategy through the automated delivery of real-time offers and communications based on the user's location in order to incentivize a store visit. Also learn how to personalize the in-store experience by strengthening the brand relationship.

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Custom Appointments

Leverage the full potential of data and artificial intelligence algorithms to better manage appointments and quotes at the point of sale by personalizing the interaction with the potential customer based on the data collected and deploying effective re-engagement strategies once the sales meeting is concluded.

Blendee's team, with its experience in many industries operating offline, will support you at every stage, from the operational one for data integration to the more strategic one.

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