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Marketing Automation Training Workshops

Learn from the best experts and stay up-to-date: Learn more about marketing automation and artificial intelligence through training events organized by the Blendee team. Lots of insights and formats for your training!

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All the Secrets of Marketing Automation just a click away

Learn from the best and stay up-to-date on marketing automation and beyond.
Successful case histories, best practices, thematic insights, ideas and tips not to be missed: don't miss the workshops organized by the Blendee team

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Corporate Training Workshops

Training events exclusively tailored to your company in order to provide you and your team with in-depth information on marketing automation, A.I. and customization of the user experience in line with your business needs.
Alongside more theoretical content, concrete cases and in-depth technical information on the use of the platform.

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Open Training Events

Days of training and in-depth analysis focused on the most relevant and interesting issues in the field of marketing with a focus on marketing automation and personalization of the customer experience.
An opportunity to learn about the potential of strategic approaches that put the customer at the center and a moment of confrontation with experts in the field and sharing of best practices and success stories.

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Workshops for Partner Companies

Continuing education and training for Blendee's partner agencies and companies as well: stay up-to-date on news and strategies and shift gears to your clients' business.

Learn from the best

Personalized Training Courses and Insights to know all the Secrets of Marketing Automation.

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