Adressable TV

Change the rules of the traditional TV commercial

TV and the Internet converge: smart TVs are where the Web and TV meet. Information and data about users can be collected and used to deliver personalized ads based on interests and TV programs watched.

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Real-time data and target audience

La nostra soluzione si appoggia sulla tecnologia di Audience Platform. Audience Platform restitutisce in tempo reale i dati dell’erogazione degli spot. Una dashboard intuitiva ti permette di misurare in tempo reale l’efficacia delle campagne erogate su target audience ben definiti grazie ai report avanzati.

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A solution for all data sources

We can integrate data from set-top boxes, SmartTVs, set-top-boxes and connected devices. But that's not all! We also integrate information from other sources, such as CRM or market research.

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Security and transparency

Whatever your business goal is, we help you find the best strategy to achieve it through data and always with respect for privacy and transparency of information.

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Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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