From the first sale to customer loyalty: discover how marketing automation and artificial intelligence can improve the performance of your online business.
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Get your eCommerce going

What makes marketing automation and personalization of the customer experience the key to your eCommerce growth is undoubtedly the strategy behind each activity. That's why along with a high-performing and efficient technology solution, you should know how to choose the right partner who can guide you to success.
Blendee's team is able to support you at every stage of your marketing automation strategy, from conception to implementation, providing the necessary support at every operational and analytical stage.

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Know and Recognize Your Users

How well do I know my users and customers? That's the first question to start with to create a successful marketing strategy!
With the help of Blendee's Customer Data Platform, we'll help you deploy an effective profiling strategy of your users and customers: you'll get to know their interests, browsing and buying habits, measure their Customer Life Time Value, and find out which ones are the best ones, predisposed to buy more and more frequently.

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Create Custom Customer Experience

Personalize your customers' browsing and shopping experience and deploy winning customer retention strategies: the Blendee team will be able to guide you in choosing the most effective tactical activities to implement from the start to improve your eCommerce performance, as well as follow you in implementing medium- and long-term strategies created based on your business goals and aimed at ensuring your continued growth.

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eCommerce Active Monitoring Observatory

Undertake the most appropriate strategic choices always having a clear frame of reference: the proactive support of the Blendee team does not disregard a constant and in-depth analysis of the reference market.
This is why we provide our clients with insight and constant updates on the trends and trends that characterize the Italian eCommerce market.

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