Big Data and User Segmentation

Big Data and User Segmentation

Data and information on each individual user collected from multiple channels in a single repository, a real plus to create winning marketing personalization strategies.

The Power of Big Data: from Advanced Segmentation to Predictive Marketing

From the automatic segmentation of the audience to the personalization of the navigation and purchase experience of users and customers, up to the optimization of their customer journey: none of this would be possible without a significant amount of data and information that would allow an analysis of the behavior of our target audience. In fact, it is on these that artificial intelligence expresses its full potential: machine learning and predictive capabilities allow us to predict very accurately what the rewarding behaviors or stimuli will be for each individual user belonging to each segment.

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CDP - Customer Data Platform

Thanks to a sophisticated tracking system, Blendee is able to collect data and information from multiple channels, which not only includes digital properties but also covers offline channels such as ERPs, CRMs, loyalty programs, checkout systems, etc.
This data is collected and normalized at the individual user level and, fed to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, becomes a real asset for effective marketing strategies.

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Advanced Profiling and Segmentation

From demographic characteristics, to past and present browsing and purchasing behavior to interests:Blendee offers a sophisticated dynamic profiling and segmentation system.
Thanks to various criteria, it is thus possible to create clusters and segments that can be updated in real time.Know your audience better and create effective marketing personalization, ringing and retention strategies for your customers.

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Predictive Marketing Strategies

Collecting and analyzing information on users' behaviors and desires in order to anticipate their future needs and desires: a predictive marketing strategy allows you to show your potential customers potentially interesting products and services, stimulating in them the desire to buy. It is to all intents and purposes a data driven marketing strategy that finds in big data and artificial intelligence two powerful allies.

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