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Marketing Operating System

A solution that combines the functionality and potential of a modern Customer Data Platform with that of a high-performance Data Management Platform is at the heart of our proposal. Create successful campaigns.



Learn about our proactive support and analysis services aimed at assisting clients in conceiving and fine-tuning winning omnichannel marketing projects.



The periodic training activities are a Best Practice for us, essential moments for the development of your marketing team and for the achievement of your goals.


All Functionality in one Centralized Platform

With Blendee you can manage all marketing channels through a single console designed to optimize your performance.

Audience Management
Collect processes and integrates proprietary data with third-party data from multiple channels for even more profiled audiences.
Blendee | M.O.S. Marketing Operating System
Single Customer View
Get a unique, up-to-date view of each individual user at every stage of their customer journey.
Blendee | M.O.S. Marketing Operating System
Personalized Customer Experiences
Personalize and enhance the experience of each individual user and customer through automated omnichannel workflows.
Blendee | M.O.S. Marketing Operating System
Performing ADS Campaigns
More focused target audiences and more effective formats: revolutionize the way you advertise.

Our Platform is Integrated with Dozens of Digital Systems

For more than 10 years, we have been active in the MadTech eco-system and integrated with leading CMS platforms, CRMs, DMPs, DSPs and many Walled Garden.
This allows us to offer a unique solution with regard to interoperability.

Blendee | Adobe
Blendee | BigCommerce
Blendee | ContactLab
Blendee | Facebook
Blendee | Google ADS
Blendee | Google Analytics
Blendee | Google Tag Manager
Blendee | Hubspot
Blendee | Hubspot
Blendee | Kooomo
Blendee | Mag News
Blendee | Magento
Blendee | Mailchimp
Blendee | MailUp
Blendee | Microsoft
Blendee | PayPlug
Blendee | PrestaShop
Blendee | Qapla'
Blendee | SalesForce
Blendee | SalesForce
Blendee | SendingBlue
Blendee | Shopify
Blendee | Storeden
Blendee | Sugar CRM
Blendee | Transactionale
Blendee | Vivocha
Blendee | Webflow
Blendee | Wordpress
Blendee | Zendesk

Some of the clients who have trusted us

We have the pleasure of working with major companies that we support with enthusiasm and passion

Blendee | 4w Marketplace
Blendee |
Blendee | Alfasigma
Blendee | Beautyè
Blendee | Italian Stock Exchange
Blendee | CafeNoir
Blendee | Cairos Media
Blendee | Editorial Domus
Blendee | Smile Pharmacies
Blendee | Farmaè
Blendee | Ferrero
Blendee | Foralco
Blendee | Gedi
Blendee | Heinz
Blendee | Henkel
Blendee | Human Company
Blendee | Idea Tuscany
Blendee | Isaproject
Blendee | Lastminute
Blendee | Named Sport
Blendee | Nexplora
Blendee | OMG
Blendee | OPQ
Blendee | Pambianco
Blendee | Perfect
Blendee | Piaggio
Blendee | publitalia '80
Blendee | Rai advertising
Blendee | RDS
Blendee | smiling
Blendee | upa
Blendee | visable

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