B2B Strategies

Lead generation and lead nurturing strategies: discover how marketing automation and artificial intelligence can contribute to the success of your online business.
Offer your users a personalized experience that increases the value of your products and services.

Give a boost to Your Online Business

Lead generation and lead nurturing strategies, sales of products or service offerings: even in B2B, the contribution of marketing automation and artificial intelligence is essential to increase the performance of your business. Profile your users, customize their browsing experience with content and communications in line with their interests and needs: trust our team and discover the secrets of a winning strategy.

Blendee | customer experience management

eCommerce B2B

Personalize the browsing and shopping experience and show them the most relevant products: Blendee analyzes the behaviors and purchases of each individual user, managing to reconstruct their individual profiles and place them in the most appropriate segments.

Know the customer life time value of each of your users and with the support of our team identify the best strategy to ring them up or reward them.

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Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

By being able to propose to every single user, whether they are clients or prospects, the most suitable service for their needs you will be able to significantly increase the number of leads generated by your site.
Service recommendations, dynamic content and behavioural messages will help you to improve your conversion rate, even for anonymous users. 

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Blendee | sms for marketing
Blendee | text messaging system

Improved Customer Service

Strengthen your customer service, equipping operators with innovative tools, able to provide relevant information about the user with whom you are interacting.
Information and data will help the operators to provide an even more effective service also in view of upsell and cross sell. Contact us and find out how to increase your B2B business.

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