The Broadcast industry has undergone a major evolution in technology and a significant increase in volumes handled. Thanks to Connective TV today broadcasters have a huge advantage over traditional TV they can unify and integrate data from the web with all other digital channels. With our technology you can leverage the huge amount of information to build an omnichannel strategy and reach any users through highly personalized content.

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Audience Platform for Broadcasters

Get in-depth knowledge of your target audience by integrating different sources: from linear, to connective TV and get Total audience and define a data-driven strategy. Get real-time insights into your audiences.

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Addressable tv for Broadcaster

Integrate data from set-top boxes, SmartTVs, set-top-boxes and connected devices but also information from other sources, such as CRM or market research. Create a personal, unique and complete experience for your viewers by showing only the content that best meets his or her interest.

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Blendee | Connected TV

Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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