Turn your campaigns around

Improves ROI with even more profiled and performing audiences

More targeted and high-performing campaigns with Audience Platform!

Reaching the right audiences for your campaigns is even easier with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
Define audience segments through multiple attributes, monitor user behavior over time, and expand your audience by deriving information even on the behavior of anonymous users.

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Data Integration

With Audience Platform you can collect data and information about your users from multiple channels, managing them in one environment.

  • Integration and normalization of data from multiple sources following the ingestion model best suited to your business.
  • Enrichment of information about anonymous users with an artificial intelligence engine to field predictive models.
  • Custom tracking via a proprietary Tag Manager that allows you to create and update all necessary campaign tags directly from the platform.
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Audience Management

With Audience Platform you can act in real time on the composition of your audience always with complete respect for privacy.

  • Creation of personalized and updated real-time audi ences from a starting audience seed that can be expanded by searching for users with similar characteristics or behaviors either automatically or manually.
    The data processed in Audience Platform have a "reliability index" depending on the source from which they come, and through various factors the socio-demographic characteristics of users and their preferences are determined based on.
  • Activation of audiences on multiple channels through integration with numerous external platforms and CTV.
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Blendee | ecommerce automation platforms
Blendee | marketing ecommerce automation

One Solution, Multiple Benefits

Put data at the center of your strategy and create even more effective marketing campaigns across all channels.

  • Customization and integration:
    Audience Platform is a ready-to-use, stable and secure platform that can adapt to your business goals and market changes with maximum flexibility. You have our know-how and state-of-the-art technology at your disposal, ready to integrate AI algorithms.
  • Your time is precious
    can work on the entire process from one simple and intuitive interface. The harmonious and intuitive layout allows smooth and autonomous use of the platform, compatible with all digital touchpoints and integrable with any data source.
  • You can always count on us
    support theme is present, available and fast. It accompanies you throughout the collaboration process, up to offering advice, where required, directly to the end customer.
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