Customize Your Social Campaigns with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

Communicate consistently on your social channels and engage your users with personalized and even better performing campaigns thanks to the contribution of artificial intelligence.

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Marketing Automation and Social Channels: Key Features

Facebook Lead Ads

Is Facebook the channel you use most for your lead acquisition campaigns? Activate Blendee's Facebook Lead Ads feature and automatically import the collected contacts into the platform. You can then personalize your users' browsing and buying experience and also improve the conversion rate of your campaigns.

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Facebook Audience

Create consistent customer experiences even on social channels and reengage your customers through effective remarketing campaigns: with Blendee you can directly synchronize audiences and segments on Facebook's Business Manager. You can also choose to manage campaigns directly in the platform, creating customized messages and offers for ognl clusters of users.

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Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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