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Customized Solutions

Choose and Design with us the best solution for your training: you can choose between courses and training offers tailored to your business and business needs. Contact our team!

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A custom-made training course for you

In-person workshops and content usable at a distance: the Blendee team supports you with a comprehensive support and training service capable of adapting to your every need.
Paths and thematic insights designed and organized on several levels to introduce you and acquaint you with all the secrets of the world of marketing automation and the potential of using artificial intelligence.

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Corporate Training in presence

Events tailored to your business and corporate needs in order to ensure that you receive training on marketing automation, A.I. and user experience customization that is more in line with your needs: theoretical content, success stories and technical insights on using the platform.

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Custom-made solutions for you

Do you want to learn more about particular topics or organize a specific training coursefor your team? Contact us and our staff will find the right solution for you.

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Learn from the best

Personalized Training Courses and Insights to know all the Secrets of Marketing Automation.

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