Marketing Personalization and Engagement: from Purchase to Customer Loyalty in the Automotive Industry

From lead generation to customer loyalty: the automotive sector is discovering the potential of the web not only as a channel of communication and promotion in the pre-sales phase, but above all as a fundamental tool in the final phase of the customer experience, during which it is essential for manufacturers to generate engagement on services and merchandise.
It is precisely in this phase, in fact, that every aspect of the relationship that is created between brand and consumer takes on value as it is oriented towards transforming the latter into a potential brand ambassador.

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Automotive Marketing Automation: Key Features

Dynamic Profiling and Segmentation

From accurate user profiling come the most effective marketing strategies.
Demographic information, browsing behavior, past and present, channels of origin, and more: thanks to Blendee 's advanced profiling and segmentation and the contribution of artificial intelligence, it is possible to collect and systematize a large amount of data and thus personalize the experience of each individual user.

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Dynamic Contact Form

Simple and quick to set up, Blendee 's forms allow you to collect user information and data in a progressive and dynamic manner, depending on the target user segment and at the most appropriate time. From biographical information to contact details in exchange for downloadable resources, to surveys to increase user engagement: dynamic forms make it possible to concretize effective lead acquisition strategies.

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Behavioral Messages

A relevant customer experience also includes the real-time personalization of the messages and content with which the user interacts while browsing the site.
Showing different messages according to the user segments and recognizing a new user from a registered one, for example, is essential to attract his attention and improve his engagement.

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Trigger Campaigns

From personalizing site navigation, to sending targeted communications through triggers and sending customized emails: with Blendee's more than 300 types of triggers, it is possible to ring the user on different channels, from social to email, once they have left the site, creating a consistent and relevant customer experience regardless of the channel used or the moment in time when it is experienced.

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Social Experience

Thanks to Blendee's native integration for Facebook, effective lead generation and remarketing campaigns can be implemented, optimizing performance and investment.
Segments of users can be synchronized, as well as users from campaigns can be directly imported in order to create customized customer exeperiences.

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Google ADS Campaigns

Optimize the results of your campaigns also on Google ADS and maximize your advertising investments: with Blendee you can synchronize the audience segments you create and use them for campaigns, showing each user segment personalized messages related to their browsing data and consistent with their real interests.

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