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Give even more value to your data!
Audience Platform puts all your user data at your fingertips
for winning omnichannel and data-driven marketing strategies.

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All your data in one platform for more targeted and high-performing campaigns

Audience Platform collects, integrates and processes first- and third-party data from multiple sources and channels, both online and offline with full respect for privacy.
Create profiled target audiences and reach the right audiences for your campaigns:
with Audience Platform you can act in real time on the composition of your segments, expand them and synchronize them with multiple external platforms.

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Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Audience Platform analyzes user behavior, browsing habits and socio-demographic data, as well as purchase propensity and spending ability.

Contextual ADV

Natural Language Processing (NLP) deduces the user's interest from the page content. All this allows for content that is consistent with his behavior and appropriate to the publisher's business goals.

Integrated Data

Audience Platform integrates user data, both anonymous and known, from all other platforms.

Blendee | machine learning ecommerce
Blendee | machine learning ecommerce

Machine Learning

Increases the knowledge of anonymous users by having access to quality, clean and enriched data. Enhances the end-user experience by tailoring the message to their interest.


Audience Platform is a multichannel technology. The audiences you create can be activated on external platforms as targets for your campaigns.

Custom Tracking

Study and optimize a customized strategy based on user behavior analysis, achieving higher and higher ROIs.

Analysis and Reporting

Monitor, measure and improve your campaign audiences with advanced reporting.

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Privacy Compliance

Always keep ownership of your data: all processes are carried out in complete security and transparency.
We take care of the confidentiality of all your information!

Addressable TV

Change the rules of traditional commercials and discover a new way of advertising: harness the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized ads.

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Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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