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Customize the Cross-Channel Experience of Your Customers

Personalize your customers' cross-channel experience. For a retailer to be able to create a unique and memorable experience across the different channels at its disposal is a very important lever in being able to optimize a customer's customer journey.
Merging the online and offlineexperience is now the key to success for omnichannel retailers, and addressing it requires tools that can dialogue with both digital and physical properties.
Thanks to Blendee's technology, it will be possible to integrate, in one big data system, data from:

  • ✓ CMS
  • ✓ CRM
  • ✓ Loyalty Systems
  • ✓ Cash management
  • ✓ ERP
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Offer the Visitor a Unique Experience

Give every single visitor a personalized browsing experience.
Thanks to Blendee it will be possible to automatically personalize your eCommerce site, both for the communication and the product part.
Each user will then have aunique experience based on their browsing characteristics, interest and behavior.
You will be able to propose to them the most suitable products and the most effective communications based on the segment they belong to.
Thanks to the ability to intervene in real time, it will be possible to create a truly personalized experience.

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Flyers for Personalized Offers

Thanks to Blendee it will be possible to create real customized promotions for each individual customer, being able to investigate and predict the products that are most suitable for him not only based on his manifest expressions of preference but also on the products that users similar to him have chosen in the past.
Define the ground rules, it will be Blendee that will take care of automatically customizing the communications and sending through the different communication channels available to you:

  • ✓ SMS
  • ✓ Email
  • ✓ Social
  • ✓ Telegram
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Customer Intelligence for Sales Representatives

Blendee allows you to equip salespeople with an artificial intelligence system that, in addition to helping them recognize the user, allows them to know whether and what products they have browsed within the site, whether they have products in their shopping carts, and for which products they show a greater propensity to purchase, including based on behaviors of similar users.

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Communicate with your customers on different channels

Use Blendee to communicate with your customers in an automated way through the different channels available to you.
A.I.'s engine will be able to figure out which channel is best for each user and will favor it over others, giving each user the best possible experience.

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Loyalty Card

Integrating the data of your loyalty program will allow you to: create personalized offers according to the user's tastes and buying habits.
Artificial intelligence will help you to propose products with a higher probability of conversion and to communicate them in an automated way through social, sms or email. 

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Business Intelligence

The analysis of the behavior of the different segments will allow you to understand which of them are, for example, the most profitable, those who interact most frequently with you, those who have entered a phase "at risk" or that do not interact with you for too long. This allow you to maximize the results on each segment.

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