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Increase the quality and quantity of your leads and turn them into customers more easily.
Personalized content, engaging and timely messages and artificial intelligence at the service of your site and your operators.

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More Leads and More Customers

With the personalization suite that Blendee provides for your site you can recognize your visitors, personalize their browsing experience and, even for anonymous users, always give timely and relevant messages. Thanks to the innovative Customer Service Intelligence tool, your operators will be able to turn generated leads into customers even more easily!

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Recognize and Segment Your Visitors

With Blendee you will be able to recognize and segment your visitors, including anonymous visitors, and understand the value of each of these segments.
Understanding which segments are most relevant will help you to better target your acquisition strategy and understand how the audience browsing your site is composed.

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Customised content

If you target, with different products or services, different sectors you can only show relevant content to each user segment, including anonymoususers.
You will be perceived as a specialist in the field of interest of the user with a consequent higher probability of conversion.
Showing users only what interesting to them will be one of the best weapons at your disposal to improve the number and quality of leads generated.

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Pop Up and Custom Messages

Take action before your users abandon the site!
Show them messages and pop-ups as they browse, soliciting in the most appropriate way for undecided users in real time.
These messages will be customized by Blendee with content and products best suited for each user segment, all automatically.

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Call Center / Sales Intelligence

All the information you have collected can be used to increase the conversions of your operators and sellers.
Thanks to our platform, they will have information about the consumer's segment and, considering the behaviour of similar users, they will receive useful suggestions to convert them into customers.

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Artificial Intelligence

Blendee's 'artificial intelligence will be able to learn the behaviors of your visitors and prompt them in the most appropriate way.
An ongoing process of machine learning will steadily increase the performance of your site.

Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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