Lead Generation

Increase the number of registered users of your website or eCommerce, discover how to create effective lead generation strategies, first, and then lead nurturing. Find out how marketing automation strategy can contribute to your success.

Lead Generation: from Strategy to Flow Automation

Both in B2B and B2C, lead generation represents a fundamental element of every marketing strategy: in order to sell more, it is important to expand the audience. About 98% of users choose to browse online without releasing data, but it is the users who register who purchase, even several times. This is why it is essential to discover anonymous users, stimulate them to release data, in short, implement an effective lead generation and lead nurturing strategy.

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Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

Know and recognize your users and transform every anonymous contact into a registered user first and then into a loyal customer: discover how an effective lead generation and lead nurturing strategy cannot disregard the personalization of the experience within your site.

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Blendee Platform for Lead Generation

Dynamic profiling, advanced segmentation, content and message personalization: thanks to the personalization suite that Blendee provides you can recognize your visitors, customize their browsing experience and, even for anonymous users, always give timely and relevant messages.

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Blendee | lead marketing

Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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