Maximize the results of your online shop thanks to the contribution of marketing automation and artificial intelligence. Choose the right partner and give wings to your online business, thanks to an effective web personalization and predictive marketing strategy.

Blendee for Your eCommerce: from Strategy to Technology Support

From increasing average receipts, to stimulating repeat purchases, improving conversion rates and much more: adopting a marketing automation strategy for eCommerce is often the key to increasing the performance of your online business. The secret is contained in the term strategy: marketing automation is often mistakenly reduced to the simple use of a technological platform. The real added value comes from the combination of an effective strategy and a high-performance platform.

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Marketing Automation for eCommerce

What makes marketing automation and personalizing the customer experience two critical success factors for your eCommerce is strategy. That's why it makes sense to know how to choose the right partner who can guide you to success.
Blendee's team can support you at every stage of your marketing automation strategy by providing the support you need at every operational and analytical stage.

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Blendee Platform for eCommerce

Marketing automation and web site personalization: create relevant and valuable customer experiences for each of your users and increase your eCommerce sales.
From advanced profiling and segmentation, to sending customized onsite and offsite communications, to personalizing product offerings, Blendee provides numerous features that allow you to coordinate and adapt your marketing activities in real time and across multiple channels.

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Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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