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KPIs and Main Indicators always at Click range

Performance of marketing campaigns and activities, all the key KPIs of your online business and much more: thanks to Blendee's advanced and customizable dashboards you always have up-to-date and complete data support to always take the right path.

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Blendee | Dashboard fully customizable

Fully Customizable Dashboard

Whatever type of business you are in, you can customize Blendee's main dashboard as you see fit.
You'll have a variety of widgets that can return data and graphs on your sales trends, lead generation, the progress of your marketing campaigns, and how your audience is made up.

Find out which Segments are Relevant

In order to optimize your resources, it is essential to be able to find out which user segments are most relevant. With Blendee's dashboard, you will be able to know in real time the key data for each of your user segments and understand how they will evolve over time.

Blendee | User Segmentation
Blendee | Audience performance

Audience Performance

Knowing how your audience is composed is only the first step, it is essential to know which segments of your customers are bringing you the best results, so you can analyze them in depth and replicate them.
Find out how each audience reacts to the different experiences, messages and recommendations of the product or content you have designed for them.

Customer Lifetime Value

Your consumers' lifecycle data is critical to being able to increase their Customer Lifetime Value, one of the key indicators for the growth of any business.
With Blendee you can discover and track how many of your users are at each stage of the lifecycle, from anonymous users to your hero and ambassador users.

Blendee | Customer lifetime value
Blendee | Main KPI of your business, always in focus

Main KPIs of Your Business, always in Evidence

Blendee is a tool that can adapt to different types of business, from ecommerce to lead generation or institutional sites. Each business has different needs and it is essential to keep track of different indicators.

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