Marketing Operating System

Blendee is Europe's first Marketing Operating System (M.O.S.) .
The M.O.S . represents the evolution of the traditional AdTech platforms, technology for Advertising and MarTech,
technology for Marketing, effectively creating a new active player in the MadTech market
that encapsulates all the features of both the Adv and Marketing markets.
M.O.S. combines the features of a CDP (Customer Data Platform), an Ad Server, and a DMP (Audience Management Platform).
The combination of these three technologies opens up new opportunities that goes beyond the algebraic sum of the 3 technologies.
A solution, therefore, capable of presiding over and optimizing communication to its users, through an omnichannel approach,
that starts from the first impressions following the user in his customer journey until the repurchase through sales channels.

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The Future of a Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Blendee is the end-to-end solution that allows you to create unique and personalized experiences for each user,
coordinating and adapting your marketing activities across all online and offline channels in real time.
From multichannel advertising campaigns to engagement and retention activities,
you can manage your marketing activities from a single platform, optimizing investment and performance.

Blendee | deco
Blendee | marketing automation platform

Audience Platform

Collect, integrate and process first- and third-party data from multiple sources and channels, both online and offline (website, dem, mobile apps, CRM) while fully respecting privacy.
Create profiled target audiences and reach the right users with your ADS campaigns. Better performance and ROI optimization: with Audience Platform you can act in real time on the composition of your segments, expand them by also drawing on the behaviors of your anonymous users.
Synchronize the audiences you create with external platforms and choose the best channel on which to deliver your ads.

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Customer Data Platform

Know and recognize users and customers: the sophisticated tracking system allows you to gather a lot of information about your visitors, even if they are anonymous, by collecting data from all your online proporties and offline channels.
Due to its nature as a Customer Data Platform, Blendee allows you to aggregate all information at the individual user level: master information, browsing and purchasing behaviors, and interests can thus be used to profile and segment your users, creating personalized customer experiences for each of them.

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Blendee | ecommerce automation software
Blendee | email marketing platforms

Custom Campaigns

Content, messages, products: personalize each visitor's experience within your website or eCommmerce in real time.
Each visitor will have a "tailor-made" browsing and shopping experience, viewing potentially more relevant and interesting messages and products at the most opportune time.
Blendee's artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will learn user behaviors and be able to prompt them in the most appropriate way.

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Marketing Automation

Automate every interaction with your users and customers and send them communications customized in content and frequency, reaching them on the channels they use most, from social to the website to email or SMS.
You'll be able to deploy effective marketing personalization strategies by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of each contact.
Finally, don't miss the opportunity to intercept your customers at the most opportune moment, while they are buying a product or visiting a web page, to provide them with targeted offers and personalized messages.

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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra
Blendee | ecommerce marketing automation

Contextual Advertising

Give more value to your content through semantic targeting and open the door to contextual advertising.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow you to enhance the value of your content by classifying it even more effectively in order to deliver increasingly relevant advertising messages. Give content to audiences: create vertical clusters by virtue of specific content, analyze them and use them for your retargeting campaigns.
Extract keywords and key concepts from your content to refine your content recommendation as well.

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Retail Marketing

The customer journey is increasingly omnichannel and the point of sale is confirmed as a key touchpoint in the buying process: find out how to personalize and create relevant customer exeriences even within your stores.
The power of Blendee, as a Customer Data Platform, and Artificial Intelligence enables you to equip your salespeople with dashboards and tools that can improve their sales performance.
Accurate data and information, and analysis of the behavior of similar users, will make it easier for them to propose personalized offers and productsi more in line with customer expectations.

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Create Customized Customer Experiences
for Your Users.

Discover the full potential of a Marketing Operating System.

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