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Blendee, the Right Partner for Your Company

We have chosen to offer our clients not only a technological solution and operational support, but also a tailor-made strategic consultancy able to adapt to the company's objectives and business needs.
Listening, experience, dialogue: let's seize together the new market challenges, let's discover together how marketing automation and artificial intelligence can help you win the game.

Blendee | contextual advertising


From the first visit, to the first purchase, to customer loyalty: creating a personalized and valuable customer experience thanks to marketing automation and artificial intelligence is an opportunity to improve the conversion rate and the main KPIs of your eCommerce, but you need to start from a winning strategies.

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B2C Omnichannel

You research and evaluate a product online but you choose to buy it offline, or you book a pick-up at the store after an eCommerce purchase: in a context where the consumer is increasingly onlife and there are no longer boundaries between the digital and physical world, an omnichannel strategy becomes a priority.
Implementing it, however, means transforming it into a real strategic asset for the company: you need the right technological support and a data-driven marketing philosophy.

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Blendee | contextual advertising
Blendee | text messaging platforms


Turn the digital channel into an opportunity for growth for your B2B business: profiling your users, knowing in depth the habits and buying behavior of your customers, personalizing the experience, will allow you to increase the number and value of sales of your products and services.
Rely on our team and discover all the advantages of adopting a marketing automation and web personalization strategy.

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Lead Generation

Do you wish to increase the number of your customers? It all starts with an effective lead generation and lead nurturing strategy.
Discover how Blendee's features can support you to better profile your users, even if they are anonymous, and put in place activities aimed at engaging and soliciting them.
Rely on our team's professionalism and experience to understand what the best strategic plan and most rewarding activities are for each identified user segment.

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Blendee | Ad Server
Blendee | Ad Server

Drive To Store

Leverage the full potential of digital channels to increase the number of visitors and clients in your stores.
With the support of the Blendee team, you will improve the sales performance of your physical stores by creating strategies that allow you to take full advantage of the richness of big data, the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learnnig, and the benefits of effective audience profiling and segmentation activities.

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Big Data and User Segmentation

Know more about your users and customers: Blendee allows you to collect and normalize data from multiple channels, whether online or offline.
Discover how to make the most of the enormous wealth of data for careful profiling and segmentation activities, crucial for effective marketing personalization strategies. Sophisticated algorithms and machine learning systems will enable you to use them as the basis for creating predictive marketing campaigns, anticipating the needs and wants of your consumers.

Blendee | ecommerce lead generatio

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