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Technology but above all know-how and expertise: we have always believed that training is a fundamental tool for our work and for the personal growth of our team.
For this reason we have chosen to create value around our work, sharing our knowledge and experience.
The result? Training and in-depth content to be enjoyed how and when you want, always available in multiple formats ranging from webinars to podcasts.
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Training Workshops

Thematic insights on many aspects of the eCommerce world, lead generation strategies and marketing automation: Blendee's training webinars are an opportunity to focus on useful strategies and tools to get your business off the ground. Case histories, use cases and best practices will provide you with the practical knowledge to best meet new market challenges.

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Technical Support

Fine-tune your strategy and learn how to deploy it by taking full advantage of Blendee's features and potential: our team will work with you and support you at every stage of operation with a service tailored to you, designed to best meet your every need.
Contact us for all your needs or consult our resources available online, a veritable mine of useful information, not to be missed.

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Analysis and Research

Insight, thematic analysis and trend analysis: we have chosen to support our clients in their strategic choices with research on the hottest and most interesting marketing and digital issues and with eCommerce Active Monitoring, an observatory completely dedicated to the evolution of the eCommerce world in Italy.
Stay up to date on our publications by following us on our blog or our social channels.

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Customized Solutions

Would you like to learn more about marketing automation and digital marketing and plan a more suitable training course for your needs? Don't worry!
We can design with you the most suitable training path: a multidisciplinary team will be able to support you offering in-depth analysis and support in strategic and operational areas.

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Learn from the best

Personalized Training Courses and Insights to know all the Secrets of Marketing Automation.

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