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Engaging and Relevant Customer Experience in Few Clicks

A whiteboard on which to imagine and create personalized customer experiences for your users in a few simple clicks: Blendee's Experience Manager allows you to have all the tools at your fingertips to field all your marketing automation activities, never losing sight of your goals and users and maintaining a complete view of your strategy.

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Create Unique Experiences for each User

Thanks to Blendee you will be able, extremely easily and quickly, to customize your website and all the communications you send to your customers.
An extremely intuitive interface that will allow you to differentiate the experience of different user segments, trying to convince anonymous users and rewarding your VIP users.
You will also be able to verify the effectiveness of each touchpoint and implement A/B tests that will allow you to improve your results.

On-Site Activities and Customisation

One of the main touchpoints with your consumers is your website, be it an ecommerce, a lead generation site or a corporate website.
Thanks to the Experience Manager you can customize each element of your website to increase its relevance and interest for each consumer.

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A.I. Marketing Automation

Customizing an experience also means customizing all the communications we send to our registered users through the different channels available to us.
Within the Experience Manager it will be possible to set up and verify all the communications to which a specific audience is subjected.

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Points of Sale and Customer Service

In case you have active customer service operators (e.g. live chat, call center) or you have integrated points of sale, it will be possible to monitor, within the Experience Manager, also this type of interactions in order to guarantee a consistent experience also on these fundamental channels.

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Create Customized Customer Experiences
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